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Mr Kießling

Free Excel Course

12 weeks
All levels
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Thursdays, 17:30 starting April 29th. On Microsoft Teams

The purpose of the new excel training course is to enable prospective leaders to operate and apply the program safely, reliably and precisely. Therefore we will start from the very beginning, demonstrating solutions for topics and problems and have an additional look at alternative uses of excel. This will put students in the advantageous position to feature an additional asset. Figures and math may dominate the program at first sight, but Excel-acquainted professionals obtain an additional tool to solve mathematic problems.

The course setting will be online (Teams), once a week in the afternoon, session duration about 60 minutes and bilingual (English / German). Participants should download Excel before the start of the course. It should be irrelevant whether the English or the German version is in use as even complex formulas will be explained bilingually. The overall objective is to enable all students in the professional use of Excel.

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