IB MYP4/5 Maths Online Summer Course


Do you want to make sure you are prepared for math in MYP 4 or 5? Do you sometimes struggle with math and want to improve? Then this online course for you.
Course runs: July 12 – August 13 Monday – Friday 12:30 – 14:00

The course syllabus (with an emphasis on interpreting and solving word problems) will include:
– Working with numbers
– Operations with integers
– Order of operations
– Operations with fractions
– Decimal numbers
– Percentage
– Rounding numbers
– Estimation
– Algebra
– The language of mathematics
– Algebraic notation
– Collecting like terms
– Writing expressions
– Generalising arithmetic
– Solving equations
– Solving simultaneous equations
– Finding the equation of a line (from a graph, from points, etc.)

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