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MYP Python-Coding for Beginners

12 weeks
All levels
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Fridays: 13:30 – 15:30 TWO HOURS!
Newcomers, age 12-16
Digi-Club „Coding for Kids & Teens, Level V“,
Secondary School
Programming language Python for beginners
Python is an advanced and future-oriented programming
language that is even very suitable for beginners. Later Python
offers the advanced and professional everything you want
when programming.
The course is an introduction and you learn many important
basics and skills.
The language is easy to learn and the (forced) clean creation of
code scores the language: It has a clear short code, therefore,
Python is ideal as an introduction to an complex programming
Course content:

• Learn the function of strings, variables,
• Logical operators and if conditions
• Program first own programs
• Program first small programs and applications

Minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 10 participants
535,00 € per participant (12 classes each 120 minutes)

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