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Language Courses and More

Our Strothoff International Academy courses are a great way to learn a new language or develop math and science skills. Our intensive English and German courses dive deep into the language creating a level of immersion which allows our students to learn quickly and thoroughly. If you are struggling with your English, or want to hone your skills join one of our courses today. If you are new to the country and want to learn German, take one of our conversational German courses. Our Spanish and French courses will let you develop your third or fourth language. We have a wide variety of English and German courses for all ages and levels.

We also offer business English! Practice writing emails, making business calls, or developing business specific vocabulary. You can even take our courses online, in the comfort of your own home. Click on the “All Courses” button for more information.

With our science and math courses, kids and teens can develop their STEM skills in a fun and supportive environment. Kids and teens can use these 1 on 1 courses to further their STEM knowledge or simply to catch up on their coursework. Our teachers will work with your child to set academic goals and achieve them! Sign up for one our STEM courses today!