Term 1 Adult Language Courses

Please read carefully: All prices are per term. For each activity there is one PAID trial lesson. If you do not cancel the activity in writing after the first trial lesson you will be charged the entire term price. Your billing information will be shared with the activity leaders for billing purposes.
Duration: 12 weeks

Private Language Instruction Children

Our 30-minute online language courses are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn/practice a new language. Our teachers are qualified native speakers experienced in making online language instruction engaging…

Duration: 12 weeks

Private Language Instruction – Teens and Adults

Do you want to learn, practice or further develop your language skills? Do you want to do it alone, at your own pace, with a qualified and experienced instructor? Then…

Duration: 13 weeks

English Kids Club (grades 1 – 5)

Fridays, 13:30 – 15:30  This two-hour English Kids Club is a great way for kids to learn and practice their English. We do an hour of fun, play-based English lessons…